Announcement Archives - Solicitation 1: August 2009

All announcements with information that is no longer relevant will be posted as a list below and will be available to prospective suppliers for reference.

October 02, 2009: POSTING - RFP Documents for Second Solicitation Are Now Available Online

RFP documents updated for the second solicitation have been posted to Documents page of our Web site.

The documents posted to the Web site on October 1, 2009 include:

  • ACE, JCP&L, and RECO Solar RFP Rules
  • SREC Purchase and Sales Agreement
  • Expression of Interest Form
  • Sample Bid Form
  • Project Proposal Summary Sheet
  • Certifications and Checklist for Qualifications

On the Documents page of our Web site you will also find a Program Guide, which provides an overview of the main elements of the Program.

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