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  • FAQ-35:
    We plan to install the equipment ourselves. Would this affect us negatively in competing for an award under the Program?

    Projects that are able to meet the eligibility requirements of the Program and for which all materials are submitted (including an Expression of Interest, a qualification package, and a Pricing Proposal) are ranked exclusively based on the Net Present Value ("NPV") of payments under the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement ("SREC PSA"). We suggest that you consult our Program Guide for an overview, and then consult the RFP Document and the SREC PSA for a more detailed description of the requirements under the Program; all documents are available on the Documents page of our web site.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-32:
    The average price for accepted bids is part of the results made public after each solicitation. Is the average calculated as a simple average or a weighted average?

    The average is a simple average.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-27:
    As Solicitation Manager, can you help guide bidders through the Initial Application Process that is administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities?

    We administer the SREC-Based Financing Program for ACE, JCP&L, and RECO, but we are not involved in the Initial Application Process under the Renewable Energy Incentive Program (“REIP”) or the SREC Registration Program (“SRP”). Please note that currently only applications under the SRP are considered.  Our Program Guide, which can be found on the Documents page of the web site, may contain some useful links. We suggest that you contact directly the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy ("NJOCE") that administers and SREC Registration Program.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-17:
    The sample Bid Form references our acceptance of the RFP terms. Does the “RFP” refer to the RFP Rules or to some other, separate, document?

    Please see Paragraph 1.5.1 of the RFP Rules. The RFP refers to the RFP Rules and its appendices, including the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement ("SREC PSA"). There is no separate RFP Document.

    06/09/2010 in General

  • FAQ-14:
    How does a Proponent confirm that a submitted Expression of Interest was received?

    The Solicitation Manager confirms receipt of Expressions of Interest by email.

    02/22/2010 in General

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