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October 01, 2009: BPU Approves the Results of the First Round of Bids

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board” or “BPU”) has approved the results of the first solicitation of the SREC-Based Financing Program for ACE and JCP&L, which was held in August 2009.  The results are as follows:

  • Eight bids were received, totaling 1,594.73 kW
  • Seven awards were made, totaling 1,585.37 kW
  • One bid of 9.36 kW was rejected because pricing was found not to be competitive
  • The average price of all accepted projects is $409.71/SREC
  • The low price of all accepted projects is $369.00/SREC

The Board’s press release approving these results is available here and the Board’s Order approving these results is posted to the Documents page of the ACE-JCP&L SREC-Based Financing Program Web site.

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