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The FAQs on this page are no longer relevant, as they are from past solicitations. These FAQs are posted here only for reference purposes. Do not rely on the information provided on this page for the current solicitation.

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  • FAQ-76:
    Do the EDCs have information concerning how much they will charge for the required SREC meters?

    Yes.  While meter costs will depend on the capacity and service at the site and while the Companies are in the process of developing more specific prices, they can offer the following for budgeting purposes. For single phase installations up to 320 amps, the cost of the SREC meter is expected to be less than $500; for single phase installations over 320 amps or 3 phase installations, the cost is expected to be approximately $1000. Please note that the Companies retain the right to calculate and bill metering costs for non-typical installations.

    02/22/2010 in General