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Requirements for Proposals

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  • FAQ-4:
    Suppose that we win an award under the SREC-Based Financing Program (“Program”) for a 1,800 kW system. Suppose that this system is expanded by 400 kW five years from now. Does this make the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement (“SREC PSA”) null and void or is that permissible under the terms of the SREC PSA?

    All Projects that obtain an award and an SREC PSA under the Program must be 2,000 kW or less in size. While the Program recognizes that the constructed size of a Project may differ from the size of the Project as planned and as presented in the Proposal under the Program, a given SREC PSA is specifically tied to a particular Project. The Project will be described in Appendix B of the SREC PSA, which can be found on the Documents page of the web site. The specifications of a Successful Project may not be changed once the Project is constructed. Appendix B will identify all main characteristics of the Project, including the location, size, and manufacturer. An expansion of the Project, which would change the Project from the characteristics provided in Appendix B, is neither contemplated nor permissible under the SREC PSA.

    We note, however, that a given Project is tied to a given EDC meter and to a given NJCEP Initial Application number (either under the Renewable Energy Incentive Program (“REIP”) or under the SREC Registration Program (“SRP”)). An expansion of a given Project that was given an award under the Program (“Project 1”) through an entirely new Project that would be tied to a different EDC meter (“Project 2”) may be considered. Project 2 would be given a distinct NJCEP Initial Application Number and would be considered a Project separate from Project 1. Project 2 would not be covered under the SREC PSA tied to Project 1. For any expansion of this type, the Seller should contact its EDC to ensure proper registration of the SRECs under GATS.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • Revised FAQ-3:
    Can we change the size of the project after we submit our Proposal if the project remains under the 2,000 kW limit?

    If you have completed the Initial Application process under the State Program for your Project, and if you subsequently decide to alter the size of the Project, you may contact the administrator of the State Program for consideration of a change in the size of the Project. The EDC may approve a modification in the size (kW) of the actual constructed Project of up to 10%. The EDC will approve such a modification provided that the Project continues to satisfy all other requirements related to this Program and that this modification: (a) does not change the segment to which the Project belongs; (b) does not cause the Developer Cap to be exceeded; and (c) does not cause the Project to exceed 2 MW.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-2:
    I have developed an SREC pricing model that yields a maximum acceptable bid price. I am considering posting my model on a public Internet forum and asking for industry input, but I am concerned that doing so would be a violation of the RFP Rules. Could you please comment?

    Your willingness to provide your model through such a public industry forum could reasonably be viewed as an attempt to influence other bidders to submit prices similar to yours. Under this interpretation, your action could reasonably be construed as unduly influencing the evaluation process contrary to Paragraph 6.1.2. Moreover, such an action may also contravene Paragraph 4.1.6, which requires that each Seller certify that it is not part of a bidding agreement with another Seller.

    Asking for input on your model, which is used for determining a maximum acceptable bid price, could reasonably be viewed as soliciting input from other bidders regarding the assumptions that they use in determining their own bid prices. Reaching consensus on such assumptions, which are used in the determination of bid prices, could reasonably be viewed as an agreement on bids. Any bidder that participates in this exchange of views could therefore be deemed in violation of Paragraph 4.1.6 and thus would be unable to participate in the Program.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-1:
    Are single-axis rotating systems allowable in the program?

    Yes. Single-axis tracking photovoltaic systems are eligible. The Program does not impose restrictions on the particular technology or specifications of the systems. Please note, however, that the Program does impose other requirements on the Project, such as a maximum size. These requirements are summarized in the presentation available on our web site (See the subsection "SREC-Based Financing Program Presentation") and are provided in more detail in the RFP documents, available on the Documents page of the web site.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

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