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  • FAQ-109:
    Where can I find the schedule for the upcoming solicitation?

    The schedule for the upcoming solicitation is posted on the Calendar portion of our Web site.

    02/26/2010 in General

  • FAQ-108:
    According to Section 4.1.4. of the RFP Rules, Proponent must not “request interconnection prior to the Board Order on the results of this solicitation”. Our understanding is that there are two steps to interconnection. The first is filing an application which spells out what system is intended to be installed. Please clarify whether this first step can be made without violating the eligibility requirements under the Program.

    There are two steps to interconnection. As you state, the first step is the filing of an initial application that provides to the EDC the details of the system to be installed. The second step occurs after the system is installed. At that point, an application for permission to interconnect and to operate the system is filed. A Proponent can complete the first step at any time and submit its initial application. However, the Owner of a successful project must wait until after the Board Order is issued regarding the results of the solicitation under the SREC-Based Financing Program to apply for permission to interconnect and operate the system.

    10/09/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-107:
    The calendar includes a date for the announcement of the results for this solicitation. How firm is this date?

    As indicated on the Calendar page of the web site, this date is tentative. The announcement of the results is expected on that day based on the guidance on the timeline of events provided in the Stipulation. If one or more dates of prior events (e.g., Deadline for input of the Parties, Expected Board Meeting, etc) change, the date of the announcement of the results could be earlier or later than is indicated in the calendar. To provide additional information on this issue, we will advise bidders through an announcement when the date is finalized for each event listed as "tentative" on the calendar.

    02/26/2010 in General

  • FAQ-106:
    I just learned of your SREC-Based Financing Program (“Program”). What are the main steps for participating in the Program?

    The SREC-Based Financing Program ("Program") is not a loan program. Rather, each Electric Distribution Company ("EDC"), namely ACE, JCP&L, and RECO, is contracting through this Program to purchase solar Renewable Energy Certificates ("SRECs") from solar projects. This, in turn, provides a stable revenue stream to facilitate independent financing through loans or other financing mechanisms for renewable projects development and installation. Each EDC only contracts for the purchase of SRECs for the term of the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement, and not for energy or capacity associated with the Project.

    If the Program interests you and you have not already done so, we encourage you to stay updated about the Program by registering for our mailing list. If you register, we will send updates and reminders about important dates directly to you by email.

    Please note the due dates for the upcoming solicitation are posted to the Calendar section of our Web site. All forms and documents necessary for the Proposal are posted on the Documents page of the Web site.

    The Proposal is submitted in three steps.

    The first step is to fill out the Expression of Interest (“EOI”). Please see the document called "NJ EDC Solar RFP Appendix 2 - Expression of Interest Form" on the Documents page of our web site. You will need the application number assigned to the Project under the Initial Application Process of the Renewable Energy Incentive Program ("REIP") or SREC Registration Program ("SRP") to complete the form. You can submit the form through email at NJsolar@nera.com. Once you complete the EOI, the Solicitation Manager will send you by email information necessary for the submission of your Pricing Proposal.

    The second step is to submit a Pricing Proposal. The Pricing Proposal form will require that you provide details regarding the Project, including the size and EDC territory in which the Project resides, and your bid price for the SRECs. Your Bid Form will be provided to you by the Solicitation Manager once your EOI is complete; however, you may consult the document called NJ EDC Solar RFP Appendix 3 - Sample Bid Form on Documents page of our web site to understand the information that will be required to provide. The Bid Form is submitted through electronic transfer; instructions for this step are provided to you once you have successfully completed the EOI. In your Pricing Proposal, you will submit a single price for all SRECs and you will choose a term for the contract between 10 and 15 years.

    The third step is to submit Qualification Materials. The required information and documents are described in Article 4 of the document entitled RFP Rules. The forms (including the Proposal Summary Sheet and the Certifications and Checklist for Qualifications) that you will need to submit your Qualification Materials for this solicitation are available on the Documents page of our web site. The Proposal Summary Sheet is submitted by email while the rest of the Qualification Materials are submitted by overnight delivery service.

    An overview of these steps is provided in our Program Guide, which can be found on the Documents page of our web site.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-105:
    I understand that the long-term agreement may potentially serve as collateral for a loan.  Are there specific banks or other financial institutions that participate in the SREC-based financing program?

    Proponents do not submit to the Solicitation Manager their financing arrangements as part of their Proposals. Financing arrangements are not part of the evaluation for the Projects. Thus, we do not have direct knowledge of financial institutions that provide financing on the basis of the SREC-Based Financing Program.

    06/04/2010 in General

  • FAQ-104:
    Will the EDCs be purchasing SRECs from existing projects or only from new solar projects that are under development?

    To be eligible for participation in the Program, a Project:

    • must have completed the Initial Application process under the Renewable Energy Incentive Program (“REIP”) or the SREC Registration Program ("SRP") administered by the Board of Public Utilities; and
    • must not yet be interconnected and the Seller must not request interconnection prior to the Board Order on the results of the solicitation. Existing projects that are interconnected are not eligible.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-103:
    Will the solicitations for ACE, JCP&L, and RECO be held on the same date or will they be staggered?

    The proposals for all EDCs will be due on the same date.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-102:
    Why is there not a single solar Program across all EDCs in New Jersey? 

    Each EDC proposed to the Board its own solar program, which the Board subsequently approved.  PSE&G, through its program, provides a loan to residential customers that qualify and the customer then repays using the SRECs that the system generates.  Each of JCP&L, ACE, and RECO, through each of its programs, pays the owners of solar systems that receive an award a fixed price for the SRECs that the system generates.

    06/17/2010 in General

  • Revised FAQ-101:
    Are PSE&G customers eligible to participate in the SREC-Based Financing Program? If not, does PSE&G offer a loan program?

    The SREC-Based Financing Program is only available to customers in the ACE, JCP&L, or RECO territory. If your project is located in PSE&G territory, it would not be eligible for the SREC-Based Financing Program.

    PSE&G is offering a loan program. If you are a PSE&G customer and are interested in the loan program, please see PSE&G’s Web site (http://www.pseg.com/home/save/solar/overview.jsp) or you may call PSE&G's Solar Loan Hotline (973) 430-8460 for additional information.

    10/06/2010 in General

  • FAQ-100:
    Does the Program enable me to sell my SRECs on the open market, but maintain a floor price guaranteed by my electric distribution company (“EDC”) or does the Program require that I agree to be locked into a contract price with the EDC?

    Through the SREC-Based Financing Program ("Program"), the EDC contracts to purchase solar Renewable Energy Certificates ("SRECs") from solar projects. The owner of each project approved by the Board would sign a standard contract with the EDC. The standard contract is called the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement (“SREC PSA”) and can be found on the Documents page of our Web site. Under the SREC PSA, the owner of the Project sells 100% the SRECs generated by the project to the EDC. Please see Paragraph 8A under the Background section of the SREC PSA.

    02/26/2010 in Purchase and Sale Agreement

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