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  • FAQ-68:
    We have multiple projects at multiple sites. Can we participate under the Program if we have a single PPA for all sites or does the Program require that we sign a different PPA with each customer?

    A single PPA may be submitted for all sites for purposes of the SREC-Based Financing Program. We note the following. First, each project must have completed the initial application process under the State programs (the Renewable Energy Incentive Program or the SREC Registration Program) to be eligible for SREC-Based Financing Program. We are not representing in this response that a single PPA is acceptable for purposes of the initial application process of the State programs. Second, we note that the PPA should give the Seller under the SREC PSA clear authority to enter into each SREC PSA (each project would have an individual SREC PSA) and the PPA should not have any clauses that would prevent compliance with the SREC PSA.

    02/26/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • Revised FAQ-67:
    Who signs Appendix C to the SREC PSA? Can we modify the Appendix C to the SREC PSA and submit this modified version as part of our qualification materials?

    Please see the RFP Rules, which can be found on the Documents page of the web site. If the Owner of the Project is not the same individual or entity as the Host, the Proponent must submit, as part of its qualification package, one (1) electronic copy in pdf format of Appendix C to the SREC PSA signed by the Host. The Owner of the Project may instead submit three (3) originals of Appendix C to the SREC PSA with original signatures from the Host, in which case the Solicitation Manager will transmit these signature pages to the EDC if the Board approves the Proposal for the Project. The “Owner” is an individual or company that owns the Project. A “Host” is an individual or entity that owns the premises or facility where the Project will reside.

    This requirement applies equally to all bidders and ensures that all bidders in equivalent circumstances are treated in the same way and asked to submit the same documents. There is no scope for evaluation of individual forms submitted by bidders in lieu of or in addition to Appendix C.

    02/26/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • Revised FAQ-66:
    What defines a Project?  Can we submit bids for multiple systems in a given location?

    Under the SREC-Based Financing Program ("Program"), a given Project is tied to a given EDC meter (with a given customer account) and to a given NJCEP Initial Application number (either under the Renewable Energy Incentive Program ("REIP") or under the SREC Registration Program ("SRP")).  You may submit bids for multiple systems residing at the same location if the systems are tied to different EDC meters, have different NJCEP Initial Application numbers, and otherwise satisfy all requirements under the Program, including the requirement that Projects be "behind the meter". Please consult the RFP Rules available on the Documents page of our Web site for the complete requirements under the Program.

    We would also note that the Board has established a 20% developer cap across all solicitations in a given RPS Reporting Year for all long term SREC PSAs entered into by JCP&L or ACE in that RPS Reporting Year.

    06/04/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-65:
    Two separate corporate entities are going to be the owners of our multiple projects. Do I need NJCEP Application Numbers for each company, for each project, or for each customer?

    Our understanding is that the NJCEP Application Number is associated with a Project (rather than a company or a customer). However, we are the Solicitation Managers for the SREC-Based Financing Program only and we do not process the applications under the Renewable Energy Incentive Program (“REIP”) or the SREC Registration Program (“SRP”). As such, we may not be aware of certain details of these programs. If you are unsure of any aspect of your application under the REIP or the SRP, please contact the managers of the NJCEP directly. Their contact information can be found here: http://www.njcleanenergy.com/misc/about-njcep/contact-us.

    06/24/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-63:
    Where can the EDCs’ net metering documentation be located?

    The documents for JCP&L have been posted to the Documents page of our web site under "Interconnection Agreement Documents". The following links for provide interconnection agreement information for ACE and RECO.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-62:
    Where can I find more information regarding interconnection?

    Please see the documents and links on the Documents page of our Web site under the heading "Interconnection Agreement Documents".

    These documents and links have information regarding the steps and cost of the application for interconnection. These documents and links also provide a phone number or an email to use to get in touch with an EDC representative. We suggest that you contact the appropriate EDC representative for additional information regarding interconnection.

    02/26/2010 in General

  • FAQ-61:
    If a home with a solar installation becomes more energy efficient so that the project generates more energy than is consumed on an annual basis, does the EDC purchase the excess energy?

    Under the SREC PSA, which can be found on the Documents page of the web site, the EDCs do not purchase any energy or capacity. There are provisions under the net metering regulations that address the issue of compensation for generation in excess of usage. Please see N.J.A.C. 14:4-9 Net Metering and Interconnection Standards for Class I Renewable Energy Systems.

    02/26/2010 in Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • FAQ-60:
    We own a large retail center in New Jersey. In this building each tenant has a separate meter and address. We anticipate signing Power Purchase Agreements (“PPAs”) with the tenants to off-take the power. Please explain if we can participate.

    All eligible projects must be net metered. The project you describe does not appear to qualify. The solar generator must be behind the meter. It would seem that the generator you describe is not behind the meter, but is interconnected to the utility distribution system as a generation facility "upstream" of several meters and that you contemplate distributing power from this facility for retail sale to customers. This would not qualify as behind-the-meter generation. To be eligible, your project would need to be subdivided into individual projects, sized to meet only the energy requirements of each of the individual tenants that agree to participate (to meet the New Jersey net metering requirements), and interconnected behind each of the prospective participant's meter.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals

  • FAQ-58:
    Is there a maximum size for the system relative to the expected annual energy? Can a project that is expected to export energy back to JCP&L at wholesale rates qualify?

    Only "behind the meter" installations are considered in the SREC-Based Financing Program. All Sellers will be required to agree to net metering arrangements with the EDC.

    We also note that under the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement (“SREC PSA”), the EDC is not required to purchase SRECs in excess of, on an annual basis, the product of (i) the Direct Current (“DC”) nameplate generating Capacity and (ii) 1,300 hours. Please see Paragraph 8 in the SREC PSA, “Quantity of SRECs”, available on the Documents page of our web site.

    02/22/2010 in Requirements for Proposals , Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • FAQ-57:
    If a Seller determines that the project cannot be constructed at the originally intended site, can the Seller replace the successful project with a solar project at a similar site?

    A bid is intended to be a binding bid tied to a specific site and proposal, and there are no provisions in the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement (“SREC PSA”) to allow for the replacement of a successful project. The SREC PSA can be found on the Documents page of the web site.

    02/22/2010 in General

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