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  • Revised FAQ-101:
    Are PSE&G customers eligible to participate in the SREC-Based Financing Program? If not, does PSE&G offer a loan program?

    The SREC-Based Financing Program is only available to customers in the ACE, JCP&L, or RECO territory. If your project is located in PSE&G territory, it would not be eligible for the SREC-Based Financing Program.

    PSE&G is offering a loan program. If you are a PSE&G customer and are interested in the loan program, please see PSE&G’s Web site (http://www.pseg.com/home/save/solar/overview.jsp) or you may call PSE&G's Solar Loan Hotline (973) 430-8460 for additional information.

    10/06/2010 in General

  • FAQ-99:
    I was wondering if your Program is set up to assist someone like me. I am a JCP&L customer and I am considering purchasing a 10kW solar system for my home. In order to mitigate risk on the price of SRECs, I am looking to enter into a selling agreement for the life (or for near the life) of a 15-year loan I am taking to finance the system.  I would like the agreement to guarantee a floor for the SREC price (the SREC price would not fall below this floor). Is this Program what I am looking for?

    The Program is in line with what you are looking for. JCP&L, through this SREC-Based Financing Program, is contracting to purchase Solar Renewable Energy Certificates ("SRECs") from new solar projects. If you submit a Proposal, you will be asked to provide a price per SREC and a term for the contract between 10 and 15 years. If you are awarded a contract under the Program, you will receive the price you bid for each SREC produced by the Project and transferred to JCP&L for the term of the contract. Thus, the Program does provide you with the opportunity to bid for an award that would guarantee a floor to the SREC sale price for a period up to 15 years.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-97:
    Does the SREC-Based Financing Program apply to wind projects?

    No. The Program is exclusively for the selection of solar projects.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-96:
    I own two homes.  I live in one and rent out the other.  Would both homes qualify or only the primary residence?           

    There is no requirement under the Program that the premises where your Project will reside be your primary residence. Both homes could qualify, subject to the other eligibility criteria under the Program.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-95:
    If a bidder did not submit an EOI in a prior solicitation, can the bidder submit one for this current solicitation or for a future solicitation?

    Yes. Participation in a previous solicitation of the SREC-Based Financing Program is not a prerequisite to participating in future solicitations.  You may submit your Expression of Interest for this current solicitation now using the form available on the Documents page of our web site.  A more detailed schedule for this current solicitation is posted to the Calendar section of our web site.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-94:
    Does the EDC need to certify or approve the particular sales and installation company for a project proposed under the Program?

    The EDC does not certify or approve of particular companies for the sale or installation of the solar projects that could apply under the Program.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-92:
    Am I precluded from participating in the SREC-Based Financing Program if I have been awarded a loan by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority? Will the contract that I would sign if I receive an award under the SREC-Based Financing Program automatically assign 50% of the revenue from the SRECs to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority for repayment of the loan?

    The SREC-Based Financing Program does not prohibit the participation of projects that have been awarded a loan by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority ("NJ EDA") under one of its Clean Energy Solutions programs.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to determine whether any rules of the applicable program administered by the NJ EDA would itself preclude or prohibit participation in the SREC-Based Financing Program. It is also the responsibility of the owner of the project to put in place any needed mechanism or agreement outside of the SREC-Based Financing Program to transfer or assign a portion of the revenues from the SRECs to the NJ EDA to repay the loan.  The owner of a project that receives an award under the SREC-Based Financing Program is required to sign the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement ("SREC PSA") without modification.  A bidder in the SREC-Based Financing Program is required to accept the terms of the SREC PSA as a condition of having its bid considered.  The SREC PSA does not have provisions for the express purpose of the transfer of a portion of the revenue from the SRECs and the SREC PSA cannot be modified or amended in any way (and in particular to effectuate such an assignment or transfer).

    06/17/2010 in General

  • FAQ-88:
    Is the program for commercial systems only or can it be used for residential systems?

    The Program can be used for residential systems and for commercial systems.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-86:
    Where can I find the results from prior solicitations?

    The results of prior solicitations are posted on the Announcements page of our Web site. The Board Orders concerning the results are posted to the Documents page of our Web site.

    02/26/2010 in General

  • FAQ-84:
    We have submitted an Expression of Interest (“EOI”) but it is incomplete because we do not yet have an NJCEP Initial Application Number.  Can we receive an extension to complete the EOI if the processing of our materials is not finished by the cure deficiency deadline?

    No extension is possible under the SREC-Based Financing Program. A deficient EOI must be completed by 5PM on the cure deficiency deadline for your project to be considered in this solicitation.

    02/26/2010 in General

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