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  • Revised FAQ-80:
    You stated that the Owner of the Project is responsible for any costs or expenses associated with the BPU inspection. However, when I contacted the Office of Clean Energy, I was informed that the inspection is free. What cost or expenses associated with the BPU inspection could an Owner be responsible for?

    The Office of Clean Energy does not charge a fee for the inspection. Should that change in the future, or should the Proponent incur any expense to arrange the inspection or to provide the EDC with documentation that the inspection was satisfactory, the Proponent would be responsible for such costs and expenses.

    Please note that if a project fails an inspection, a fee of $200 is assessed for each additional on-site re-inspection. The Proponent would be responsible for this cost.

    07/28/2010 in General

  • FAQ-79:
    Is there a program designed specifically for municipalities?  Does the SREC-Based Financing Program allow municipalities that wish to install solar systems on various municipal buildings to participate?

    We are not aware of a solar program designed specifically for municipalities.  As Solicitation Manager for the SREC-Based Financing Program ("Program") for ACE, JCP&L, and RECO, we note that the owner of the projects proposed under this Program may be a customer or a developer, the owner of the premises or a renter, a private or public company, a for-profit or a non-profit organization.  The Program does not preclude municipalities from proposing solar projects that would be installed on various municipal buildings.

    We invite you to consult the RFP Rules that are posted to our Web site as these provide a number of requirements that projects must meet, available here.

    06/09/2010 in General

  • FAQ-76:
    Do the EDCs have information concerning how much they will charge for the required SREC meters?

    Yes. Meter costs will depend on the capacity and service at the site and depend on the EDCs. The information we have is as follows:

    • for ACE, SREC metering costs are approximately $850 for the self contained sites and $2300.00 for transformer rated sites.
    • for JCP&L, typical costs are provided in the SREC Meter application form. JCP&L invoices the customer for the cost based on the required meter then installs the meter once the invoice is paid.

    RECO is in the process of developing updated information.

    02/02/2011 in General

  • FAQ-73:
    I was awarded a contract to sell my SRECs to JCP&L. Can I obtain from the Solicitation Manager contact information to transfer my SRECs to JCP&L?

    Yes, such information is available upon request.  Please note that we will be issuing some questions and answers regarding the steps for the transfer of SRECs to the EDC.

    06/04/2010 in General

  • FAQ-69:
    If a Developer is the owner of a successful proposal that is located on a Customer's site, and the Developer is the entity that signs the SREC PSA (thus becoming the Seller under the SREC PSA), how can the Seller agree to net metering arrangements with the EDC? Wouldn't the Customer have to agree to the net metering arrangements?

    As stated in the SREC PSA, the Seller is required to arrange, at its sole cost and expense, for net metering arrangements with the EDC. If the Seller is the Developer, this will include obtaining the agreement of the EDC customer for such arrangements.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-62:
    Where can I find more information regarding interconnection?

    Please see the documents and links on the Documents page of our Web site under the heading "Interconnection Agreement Documents".

    These documents and links have information regarding the steps and cost of the application for interconnection. These documents and links also provide a phone number or an email to use to get in touch with an EDC representative. We suggest that you contact the appropriate EDC representative for additional information regarding interconnection.

    02/26/2010 in General

  • FAQ-57:
    If a Seller determines that the project cannot be constructed at the originally intended site, can the Seller replace the successful project with a solar project at a similar site?

    A bid is intended to be a binding bid tied to a specific site and proposal, and there are no provisions in the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement (“SREC PSA”) to allow for the replacement of a successful project. The SREC PSA can be found on the Documents page of the web site.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-52:
    Please explain how the planned quantity for each solicitation is determined.

    The SREC-Based Financing Program (“Program”) is a three-year program that plans up to three solicitations per year. The Stipulation for each EDC, available on the Documents page of our web site, details the quantities that each EDC plans to solicit over the next three years (see Attachment A to each Stipulation). In general under the Program, two solicitations are planned each year, and each solicitation is for half of the year’s planned quantity. A third solicitation is held for the balance of the year’s planned quantity that remains uncommitted after the first two solicitations. The third solicitation may also include all or a portion of the next year’s planned quantity, based on an assessment of, among other things, the results of the previous solicitations and the market's ability to respond effectively with competitive bids. The Solicitation Manager makes recommendations to the Board regarding the parameters of each solicitation, including the planned quantity, and the Board makes a decision on these matters.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-42:
    How much refundable deposit is necessary? When is it due?

    Please see Section 5.2.8. of the RFP Document, which states, "The amount of the cash deposit is $75 per kW, provided that this amount will not be less than $500 and will not exceed $20,000. The deposit will be returned, without interest, at the Commencement Date (as defined in the SREC PSA) or will be forfeited in accordance with General Term and Condition A.11 of the SREC PSA."

    The cash deposit is due 14 days after the approval of the bid by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The deposit will be refunded on the Commencement Day without interest in accordance with the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement ("SREC PSA"), found on the Documents page of the web site. This deposit is specified in the Stipulation and is approved by the Board.

    02/22/2010 in General

  • FAQ-39:
    If we fail to complete a project or fail to complete a project in a timely manner for which we have received an award under the Program due to factors outside of our control, will we lose the associated deposit?

    If you receive an award for a project under the SREC-Based Program (“Program”) and the project is not completed, you are subject to a forfeit of any deposit that has been posted, regardless of the reason.

    We understand that there may be uncertainty surrounding a Project that may be resolved over time. We note that the deposit is required fourteen days after the Board decision on the results of the solicitation. The RFP Calendar is available on the Calendar page of the web site. Please note that the scheduled date for the Board decision is not a certain date, but is an estimate based on the guidelines provided in the Stipulation.

    02/22/2010 in General

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