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  • FAQ-173:
    In the event there is a lot of rainy and cloudy days during the term of the SREC PSA, will the amount of revenue from the SREC PSA decrease?

    An SREC is produced for each MWh of output of the Project. As you note, the output of the Project will be variable. The SREC PSA provides a payment for each SREC produced by the Project and does not in any way guarantee payment if the Project does not produce SRECs regardless of the reason.

    02/14/2011 in General

  • FAQ-170:
    When is the earliest date when we can request for final interconnection for the Project without violating the program rules for participation under the SREC Based Financing Program?

    The RFP Rules specify that the Project must not be interconnected and that the REQUEST for interconnection must not be made prior to the Board Order on the results of the solicitation. The Board Order is issued typically within a few days of the Board rendering a decision on the results of the RFP. The calendar on the RFP Web site provides the date at which Board is expected to render its decision. This would be the earliest date at which interconnection could be requested or filed.

    02/11/2011 in General

  • FAQ-169:
    We heard that there is a lot of interest for this upcoming solicitation.  Can you confirm this?

    The amount of interest in the upcoming solicitation will not be known until the Proposals are submitted and will not be made public at that time.  We believe that you may referring to a presentation by the Market Managers that provided information (types of projects, number of projects, and capacity) for applications to the SRP that are eligible for participation in the EDCs' SREC-Based Financing Program.  This presentation can be found here.

    02/11/2011 in General

  • FAQ-167:
    I am unsure if the Project will be built at this time. When in the procurement process does the Owner of the Project commit to building the Project?

    The first commitment is provided as part of the Qualification Materials (due with the Pricing Proposal). The Owner of the Project must certify at that time that it accepts all the terms of the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement ("SREC PSA") and that the Owner will sign the SREC PSA within five (5) business days of being given a Final Notice of Award by the EDC.

    The second commitment is within fourteen (14) days of awards. If an Owner receives an award for a project, a cash deposit is due fourteen (14) days after the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities' approval of the awards for the solicitation. 

    The third commitment occurs once the EDC provides a Final Notice to the Owner, which occurs no earlier than forty-five (45) days after the date of service of the Board Order. The Owner must at that time execute the SREC PSA within five (5) days of receipt of this Final Notice. There is no provision to release the Owner from its promise to execute the SREC PSA, regardless of the reason. The Owner is subject to a forfeit of any deposit it has posted if the Project is not completed or if the Owner does not sign the SREC PSA.

    02/10/2011 in General

  • FAQ-165:
    Please confirm that the customer has 5 business days to accept if an offer is given to the customer under this SREC Based Financing Program, and that if the customer does not act, you will forfeit the deposit required under the program.

    We assume from your question that the customer would be the Owner of the Project. You are correct that the customer will have five (5) days to act. However, the customer will not receive an offer from the EDC. Rather the customer will submit an offer (the “Pricing Proposal” or bid) to the EDC. If the Project receives an award from the Board, the customer will provide a cash deposit within fourteen (14) days of Board approval. Once the Board Order is no longer subject to appeal, which occurs forty-five days after the date of service of the Board Order, the EDC will provide to the customer a final contract (the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement or “SREC PSA”). At that point, the customer will have five (5) business days to execute and enter into the SREC PSA with the EDC. If the customer does not enter into the SREC PSA with the EDC, the customer will lose its cash deposit. If the customer enters into the SREC PSA with the EDC, the deposit will be returned, without interest, once the project starts operating. Please see FAQ-106 or our Program Guide (on the documents page of our web site) for more information about the Program."

    02/09/2011 in General

  • FAQ-161:
    For a project residing in JCP&L’s service territory, is the signing of an interconnection agreement equivalent to requesting permission to interconnect and operate the system?

    The signing of the interconnection agreement is not equivalent to requesting permission to interconnect and operate the system. For JCP&L, the forms required and the timing of the second step of the interconnection are slightly different depending on the size of the system. (Please see the forms on the Documents page of our Web site.) Generally, the second step is not initiated until the system is completed and the Owner has requested from JCP&L the authorization to operate and permission to interconnect (and we assume this is equivalent to what you term the "notice to the EDC that the generator has been installed"). If you have further questions regarding interconnection, please submit an additional question with a reference to the size of your system and the form that you are using so that we may provide more information relevant to your particular case.

    02/08/2011 in General

  • FAQ-157:
    I understand that the bidder must not request interconnection prior to the Board Order on the results of the solicitation. At what point may construction begin and how far can the construction go without violating program rules for eligibility.

    The Program specifies only when construction must be completed and does not specify when construction may begin. Please see the SREC PSA, Appendix A, General Terms and Conditions, Paragraph 3. This Paragraph states that the EDC will have the right to terminate the SREC PSA if the Project is not fully constructed and able to deliver SRECs within one year of the execution of the SREC PSA. However, as you note, a project must not be interconnected when the Proposal is submitted and that the bidder must not request interconnection prior to the Board Order on the results of the solicitation. There are two steps to interconnection. The first step is the filing of an initial application that provides to the EDC the details of the system to be installed. The second step occurs after the system is installed. At that point, an application for authorization to operate and permission to interconnect is filed. It is this second and last step that cannot be undertaken if the Project is to maintain eligibility under the Program.

    02/08/2011 in General

  • FAQ-155:
    I understand that only "behind the meter" installations are considered in the SREC-Based Financing Program. Will a solar farm be eligible to participate in the program if there is an EDC meter that totalizes the energy generated by the system, and if the system is interconnected to PJM and the energy flowed back to the grid? If the system is not eligible, please advice on any necessary modifications in order to design a system that is eligible for this program?

    The SREC-Based Financing Program is only open to projects that can qualify for net metering and to Owners that agree to net metering. Without being all inclusive, in order to qualify for net metering, the expected annual generation from the solar facility must be equal to or less than the anticipated annual consumption by an end user on the premise or behind the meter, with the meter being the revenue meter that the utility uses to measure electricity consumption by the end use customer. Hence if a solar facility was designed to produce 1000 MWH a year of energy, in order to qualify for net metering and the SREC Based Financing Program, it would be required to be connected to a customer that was anticipated to use at least 1000 MWH of energy a year. Your question seems to imply that the solar farm will not provide energy to an end-use customer but would consistently produce electricity that flowed off premises to the grid. This project is not eligible. The change you would need to make is to locate your facility on the premise of a customer who uses at least as much power in a year as the facility produces and directly connect the facility to that customer's load so that on a net basis, over the course of the year, energy would not flow to the grid.

    02/08/2011 in General

  • FAQ-154:
    Can two individuals sign for the submission of the Proposal to the SREC-Based Financing Program?

    Yes, two individuals can sign for the submission of the Proposal to the SREC-Based Financing Program. You may provide both signatures in the space provided or submit an extra page with the additional signature. For example, if two individuals are both Owners of the Project, and both Owners want to sign the certifications in Section 3 of the "Appendix 5 - certifications and Checklist", the two individuals could either: (a) submit three (3) originals and sign on the same page; or: (b) submit three (3) originals each, with each original bearing the signature of one individual.

    02/04/2011 in General

  • FAQ-152:
    Where can I find a list of solar installers in New Jersey?

    The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities maintains a list of active renewable installers and vendors and recommends that prospective applicants talk with at least three different vendors early in the project development stage. Please visit the following page for the list of solar installers: http://www.njcleanenergy.com/findavendor.

    02/04/2011 in General

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