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  • FAQ-273:
    I received an Open EOI email notice from the Solicitation Manager. Does this mean I am qualified to submit a bid for my previously rejected project in the upcoming solicitation? If my project is rejected again, can it continue to qualify to bid going forward, even after it’s commissioned?

    If you have previously submitted a Proposal for a Project in the SREC-Based Financing Program (“Program”) and the Project did not receive an award, you may submit a Proposal for this same Project in a future solicitation as long as the Project still meets all eligibility requirements under the Program. In particular, existing projects that are interconnected are not eligible.  A Project is only eligible under the Program if it is not yet interconnected and if the Owner of the Project does not request interconnection prior to the Board Order on the results of the solicitation. For additional eligibility requirements, please consult the RFP Rules, available on the Documents page of our Web site.
    You have received the notice that you mention in your question because the Solicitation Manager commits to providing a notice to any Proponent who submitted a complete EOI for a Project and the Project did not receive an award. The objective of this notice is to inform the Proponent that the Proponent is not required to resubmit an EOI should the Proponent wish to submit a Proposal for that Project in the current solicitation and should the Project continue to meet the eligibility requirements under the Program. 
    Please note that if you received a complete notice for your Qualification Materials in a previous solicitation and your Project still meets all the eligibility requirements of the Program, you may not be required to resubmit all qualification materials should you choose to submit a Proposal for the current solicitation. If your circumstances have not changed since the previous solicitation, that is, the information (about the Project, the NJCEP Application Number, the Owner, the Host, the Customer, and the Developer) is the same as previously submitted, then you are only required to re-submit three (3) originals of the Certifications and Checklist for Qualifications (provided as Appendix 5 to the RFP Rules and available electronically on our Web site) with original signatures by overnight delivery service to: Solicitation Manager, One Gateway Center, Suite 720, Newark, NJ 07102 (Phone: (973) 297-0880 and Fax: (973) 297-0246). We would appreciate, but do not require, a cover letter from you stating that you are re-submitting your Project and confirming that all information regarding the Project, the NJCEP Application Number, the Owner, the Host, the Customer, and the Developer is the same as previously submitted. If your circumstances have changed since the previous solicitation, then we may require information in addition to the three (3) originals of the Certifications and Checklist for Qualifications (Appendix 5 to these RFP Rules) with original signatures. The Solicitation Manager will make a determination for your particular case based on the information that has changed since the previous solicitation. We invite you to contact the Solicitation Manager by return email correspondence with a description of the circumstances that have changed so that we may determine if additional documents will be required from you.

    08/27/2011 in General

  • FAQ-271:
    Does the SREC-Based Financing Program provide any pricing guidelines for bid submission?

    Unfortunately, neither the Solicitation Manager nor the EDCs can provide any advice or guidelines on the bid that you submit to the Program.

    We note that all bidders compete against each other by submitting Pricing Proposals to win a long-term contract (the SREC Purchase and Sale Agreement or “SREC PSA”) with a given EDC (ACE, JCP&L, or RECO). Generally speaking, the evaluation is based on ranking the Projects for an EDC using the Net Present Value (“NPV”) of the payment stream for one SREC. The NPV is determined both on the basis of price and on the length of the contract (from 10 to 15 years). Please see Section 5 of the RFP Rules for more details on the evaluation procedure.

    We note that when the Board approves the results of a solicitation, the Solicitation Manager releases the lowest and the average accepted prices by segment (i.e., on the basis of Project size). These information releases are available on the Announcements page of our Web site). These information releases immediately follow and announce the Board decision on the solicitation results. Although past prices may not be indicative of future prices, these information releases provide all publicly available information regarding prices under the Program.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-270:
    Does a Project need to be completed this year to qualify for the SREC-Based Financing Program?

    We assume that you are referring to a new system for which you would be presenting a Proposal in the upcoming solicitation. Although the SREC-Based Financing Program ("Program") is expected to end during 2011, this does NOT mean that you must complete construction of your Project by the end of 2011 to be eligible to participate in the Program.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-269:
    Are there any time limits for an SREC generated at a particular time to be used for compliance with the Renewable Portfolio Standards?

    Under the proposed rules to implement the Solar Advancement Act of 2010, starting with SRECs generated on July 1, 2010, the SRECs may be used for compliance during the RPS Reporting Year during which they are generated as well as two following RPS Reporting Years. For SRECs generated prior to that date, the SREC may be used for compliance during the RPS Reporting Year during which they are generated as well as the next RPS Reporting Year. These rules are not yet final and are subject to change.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-267:
    I have heard of a program in which a contractor installs solar energy equipment for free, and the homeowner signs a lease and pays a set amount each month. Do you have any information about this type of program?

    We are not aware of such a program but we do not maintain a list of installers. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities does maintain a list of active renewable installers and vendors and recommends that prospective applicants talk with at least three different vendors early in the project development stage. Please visit

    this page

    for the list of solar installers.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-264:
    Can you confirm that the range of accepted bids in the Seventh Solicitation is between $282 and $342? If so, can you explain why our bid, which is within the range of accepted bid, is rejected?

    We are unsure of the source for your information on pricing. The only information released by the Solicitation Manager regarding the results of the Seventh Solicitation is available



    You will note that for the segment of Projects above 500 kW and no more than 2 MW, the average SREC price for a ten-year contract is $280.37 and the lowest SREC price is $250.80.

    The Solicitation Manager provides, in the notice of rejection, the reason for your Project not receiving an award. If the reason is that pricing was not competitive, please note that this statement relates to the EDC territory in which the Project resides. The Solicitation Manager ranks Pricing Proposals for each EDC territory separately. Other Projects with lower bid prices for your EDC were selected and received an award. The information release provides pricing information only for the Program as a whole (i.e., for all EDCs combined) and not for each EDC separately. It is possible that Projects that receive awards for one EDC have lower bid prices than the Projects that receive awards for another EDC.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-263:
    Will the SREC-Based Financing Program extend beyond 2012?

    The current SREC-Based Financing Program (“Program”) as approved by the Board ends in 2011. We are aware neither of definite plans for the Program to continue nor of statements that the possibility of additional solar initiatives in the future has been eliminated from consideration. Should such information become available, we will update this response in the future.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-261:
    For projects that received an award but are not built, will the system capacities of such projects be added to a future solicitation under the Program?

    Any quantities for awarded but not built systems are added to another solicitation under the Program to the extent practicable.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-260:
    What happens when a project receives an award but is not allowed to interconnect by the EDC? Should these projects be re-submitted in the next round of the SREC-Based Financing Program?

    It is possible that Projects receive an award but cannot proceed as a result of circuit constraints. If a Project cannot proceed, the Owner of the Project may contact the EDC after the award to determine whether the circuit constraint is expected to persist. If the circuit constraint is expected to persist, the Project may not proceed as the EDC will not be able to allow the Project to interconnect. The Owner of the Project should not resubmit such a Project for the same location to the SREC-Based Financing Program. Such a submission cannot change any circuit constraints that exist and that prevent a Project from going forward.

    It is also possible that Projects receive an award but must be downsized as a result of circuit constraints experienced by the EDC. In such a case, the Solicitation Manager would expect to recommend to the Board that the Owner of the Project would be afforded the choice between:

    1) Downsizing the Project or Projects in question to satisfy the circuit constraints and executing the SREC PSAs at the price or prices that were submitted in the Pricing Proposals; or
    2) Re-sizing the Project or Projects to satisfy the circuit constraint and resubmitting the Project or Projects in a future solicitation of the SREC-Based Financing Program (noting that the Program is expected to end this year) at prices that may be higher or lower than the prices originally submitted.

    08/16/2011 in General

  • FAQ-259:
    Information on how much of the approved capacities were applied to each utility was available for the first four solicitations but hasn't been included in the last two. Can you provide a breakdown of the total approved in those solicitations by utility?

    With the Board’s approval, the Solicitation Manager has released additional information regarding previous solicitations, which can be found on our Announcements page. For the convenience of bidders, this information is summarized in a document entitled "Results by Segment", which is posted on the Documents page and linked here.

    08/09/2011 in General

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